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Cosmetic Machine - UPB SERIES

Product Features :

– This product is designed for loose powder. It is suitable for processing powder, eye shadow etc.

– The product has been improved, and overcomes the shortage of traditional powder compact machine.

– Working stage can decrease user's strength burden.

– Convenient operating interface meet user's requirement. Offering more convenient and comfortable operating interface, the added designs are as follows:

  1. It depends on the production situation or the user's requirements to select manual way or automatic way.
  2. Pre-compact time is adjustable.
  3. The time of hydraulic keeping pressure is adjustable.
  4. Powder compact counting function can set up the compact times.
  5. Cloth length of take-up device can be set up.
  6. The safety design is that while mould doesn't reach the right position, operation won't work.

Specification :

– Dimension:1525mm (L) x 780mm(W) x 1850mm(H)

– Powerconsumption: 2.2kw

– Power: AC 380v/3ψ

– Working pressure: 0~150kg/cm2

– Max pressure: 200kg/cm2

– Weight: 800kgs

– Machine's body material: stainless steel (SUS304)

– Capacity: Depend on manual operation speed and filling program. It takes 9~13 seconds to fill a mould.