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Cosmetic Machine - TF SERIES

Product Features :

– This product is designed for lipstick/liquid cosmetics. It is suitable for lipstick, pen type lipstick, eyebrow pencil etc.

– Using specially designed filling construction which decrease the error of filling volume.

– Filling is driven by motor, working is with operating interface.

– Double-layer tank is made of stainless steel which meets sanitary requirement.

– It takes short time to install, and it's easy to operate.

– It can work with our 12-cavity lipstick mould, which raise sanitary requirement.

– Precise quantitative specialty. 

– Smart design is easy to set equired quantity.

Specification :

– Dimension: 852mm (L) x 730mm(W) x 1900mm(H)

– Power consumption: 3.5kw

– Power: AC 220v/1ψ/50Hz

– Tank capacity: 15L, double-layer tank heated by oil

– Filling volume: 1~14ml

– Working air pressure: 6kg/cm²

– Output: 8 sec/set (12PCs)

– Weight: 100kgs