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Lipstick mould & Eyeliner mould - Operation

Handing Operation for Lipstick Mould

  1. The handwork to fill raw materials up in the upper mold of lipstick,this upper mold is full of material, but never overflow from the WALL of upper mold.
  2. Freeze.
  3. Scrape unnecessary raw materials from the upper mold.
  4. Put the lipstick mold on the bottom of REMOVING UPPER MOLD, and cover the top. (1)
  5. Use REMOVING UPPER MOLD; in order to the lipstick from mold and lipstick will not adhere to upper as well as stop the lipstick in bottom. (2)
  6. Place the CASE-FITTING on the top of DOWN MOLD.
  7. Place the lipstick's cover in CASE-FITTING then insert lipstick accordingly complete. (3)