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Cosmetic Machine - CR-A SERIES

Product Features :

– Powder can be mixed well in tank by crush, cut, collision.

– Special design for machine construction, which can make powder with good fluidity and preservation.

– Powder is exquisite and polish after processing.

– Easy to clean.

– This product tallies with the standard of G.M.P.

– The comparative price and capability is in first place in this line.

– It applies to cosmetics, medicine, food stuff, chemical, dyestuff, plastic etc.


Specification :

– Dimension: 1500mm (L) x 1400mm(W) x 1550mm(H)

– Power: AC 380v/3ψ/50Hz

–Main motor: 11kw(15HP), rotary speed 0-1460rpm

– Chop motor: 1HP, rotary speed 1-3000rpm(three)

– Automatically spurt oil: Time for spurting oil can be set0-5 minute,

– Heating oil consumption: 500w  

– Body's material: stainless steel (SUS304)

– Tank capacity: 100L  

– Capacity: 25L