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Cosmetic Machine - BF SERIES

Product Features :

– This machine applies to cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye cream...etc.

– Stirring speed and temperature of each tank are controlled independently.

– Adopted advanced automatic control (interface control, PLC, network technology). parameter (time, temperature, switch and speed of conveyor) is set by interface control. Easy control and stable performance.

– Framework made of hardened Aluminum is easy to maintain.

– It doesn's need much time to train operator.

– Individual temperature control by PLC for separate unit (tank, filling pump, filling hose, filling nozzle and heating plate) to achieve precise temperature.

– Automatic timer and counter.

– Different position of tray's cavities can meet deferent filling need.

– Optional in conveyor or working table.


Specification :

– Dimension: 2375mm (L) x 990mm(W) x 1600mm(H)

– Power consumption: 25kW

– Power: AC 380v/3ψ/50Hz

– Working air pressure: 6kg/cm²

– Tank temperature:Max 120°C

– Tank capacity: 8L x 12, double-layer tank heated by oil

– Filling volume: 1~14ml

– Capacity: 3~5 Sec/PCs (based on filling quantity 4C.C)

– Weight: 600kgs