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Cosmetic Machine - AP SERIES

Product Features :

– This Product is designed for lipstick's auxiliary stripping mould.

– It's easy to use operation interface.

– Smart machine and controlling design are convenient to repair.

– Reducing production procedure can raise working efficiency.

– The size of machine is mini which saves the space.

– Driven by air pressure, easy to maintain and clean.

– Side bowing type design can prevent bottom blowing nozzle from being jammed and destroyed by rubbing.

Specification :

– Dimension: 450mm (L) x 400mm(W) x 1050mm(H)

– Power consumption: 100W

– Power: AC 220v/1ψ/50Hz

– Working air pressure: 6kg/cm²

– Weight: 55kgs

– Operator: 1Person

– Capacity: Depended on the setting time